There is no Heaven.

There is no Hell.

There is only the Echo.

The Echo Beckons

Idols of Torment is a tabletop miniatures game for two players. The overall system takes familiar skirmish gameplay and blends it with various tabletop roleplaying game and board game concepts, delivering a classic, turn-based, strategy game experience.

The Idols of Torment rulebook and official models are now available.


Get the complete 175 page rulebook in PDF; and the Game Pieces Set and official Idols models in STL format from MyMiniFactory.

Wargame Vault

Get the complete 175 page rulebook in PDF from Wargame Vault.


If you’d like to use the official Idol models but don’t have access to a 3D printer, you can purchase on-demand printed models from Only-Games.


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