The Orders

Each Order in Idols of Torment is a twisted and terrifying manifestation of some distinct themes. Official models for Idols are available from MyMiniFactory and Only-Games.

The Strife

Domination, Supremacy, Predation

Predators roam the Echo in many twisted forms, yet none are so relentless as the Idols of the Strife. Born of Bellicus, Primordial Source of Power, the Strife are warriors and conquerors, bred for battle and evolved to hunt. Taking imposing, animalistic physical form, the Strife possess powerful bodies shrouded in bristling fur and armored hide, limbs ending 

The Scorn

Violence, Sadism, Torture

The rattle of chains precedes the arrival of the Scorn. These tormentors taste fear in the air and smell the souls of the Lost whom they relentlessly stalk across the Echo. Bellicus, Primordial of Power, first crafted Idols as swords, as cudgels, as barbed implements of torment, and the Scorn perfected those weapons, finessed the binding and reaping of the Lost into a malicious artform. Brutalizers, manipulators, fear-mongers, the Scorn are the dagger that drives into the heart of the Echo. 

The Vain

Arrogance, Narcissism, Perfection

Flesh is weak and malleable, and in the Vain, physical perfection lies at all times just out of reach. These surgeons, these bone-cavers and flesh-stitchers, seek magnificence through mutilation. Evolved from those first Idols stitched-together by Decus, Primordial Source of Desire, the Vain present a twisted, fragmented view into humanity’s endless desideratum, and evoke the innate power of the Bloody Mother in their barbaric manipulation of the Lost, of enemy Idols, and of the Echo itself. 

The Insatiate

Consumption, Greed, Need

There can always be more—when one plateau is reached, the next can be surmounted; as wealth and notoriety is gained, so can it be lost forever. Greed drives this never-ending desire, this withering restlessness that denies happiness and contentment. The hunger of the Insatiate, true to their profane name, is endless and all-consuming, and it is this desire borne of their creator, Decus, which drives the infinite torment of the impossible horizon—the endless pursuit of fulfillment that can never come from without, only from within. 

The Vile

Parasitism, Enervation, Toxicity

To hurt, to maim, to murder—these are detestable sins, of that there can be no doubt. But to wither a soul to nothing, to drive one to the edge of oblivion, to create a husk where once stood a living thing is the aim of the Vile. The parasitic offspring of Arescet, the Vile embody the leeching, writhing energy of their forebear, manipulating foe and battlefield alike with snaking roots, caustic fumes, and noxious spores. The Vile are creeping death. 

The Wasting

Neglect, Dependency, Vulnerability

Beyond flesh, beyond bone, the frailty of mortality festers in the soul. Humanity’s flaws laid bare like chittering nerves, numb to everything but torment—within this exquisite pain dwell the Wasting, Arescet’s beautiful, horrible children, embodying the weakness of humanity, its dependence on the fleeting, and its neglect of the enduring. 

The Hollow

Depression, Isolation, Hopelessness

In the silence between the ticks of a clock, in the shadow between stars lurk the Hollow — writhing, grasping, wailing creatures borne of void, fear, and hopelessness, whose only aim is to sow the seeds of torment and reap the souls of the Lost. From Vacuus, the Shadow Upon Eternity, the Hollow emerged from the Cosmic Realm in the warped image of their creator, somehow simultaneously comfortingly 

The Wretched

Fearlessness, Madness, Disorder

In the vast and eternal expanse of the Cosmic Realm, there is a darkness within the darkness—a void within an endless void. Beyond the unknown, between sentience and quietus, there lies the infinite intangible, and within that madness there dwells the Wretched. Mockeries of both life and death, the misshapen mutants of the Wretched mirror humanity’s greatest flaws and fears. 

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