The Game

The supernatural conflicts of Idols of Torment rage across a perilous afterlife called the Echo. This ruined landscape combines remnants of Heaven and Hell following their apocalyptic collapse, forging a single, shattered realm inhabited by wandering souls – the Lost. The Idols, servants of the Eternals, seek these forlorn spirits, clashing endlessly over this dwindling yet precious resource to control the fate of the Cosmic Realm.

The game is ideal for fun, casual environments where formal competitive play is not the focus. The game does not include any list building; instead, players control a defined assortment of model types with distinct roles, reminiscent of a classic two-player strategy game experience.

In Idols of Torment, each player takes on the role of a cosmic entity called an Eternal. As an Eternal, you command supernatural beings called Idols as they descend upon the Echo. Your sole purpose is to pit your Idols against your enemy for control over the Lost. These souls are a precious resource that must be reaped, thus releasing their energy from the Echo and returning it to the stars. But reaping the Lost is not an easy task — you will need all the tools at your disposal to chase them down, influence their movements, manipulate the landscape, and fend off your opponent.

As a tabletop miniatures game, Idols of Torment is played on a board using miniatures. The board is a three-dimensional space created with various terrain pieces. The rich setting provides a bounty of inspiration for crafting terrain and bringing the Echo to your tabletop. As a player, you control a group of Idols belonging to one of eight Orders. Each Order is associated with a profound theme, giving you a wide range of opportunities for representing your Idol miniatures. Your group of Idols includes a selection of Idol Classes — distinct forms of Idols that excel in different areas of combat, movement, and Lost interaction. Official Idol models are available from MyMiniFactory and Only Games, or explore your own interpretations of the Idols by using any miniatures you wish.

The Lost are controlled by the game system and are always portrayed as wandering souls. Miniatures for the Lost are included with the Game Pieces set along with the Initiative tokens that drive the game’s unique Initiative system. Drawn from a bag, Initiative tokens are used to randomly allocate turns between the two players over the course of multiple rounds. With an Initiative token, you can activate one of your Idols or perform an Eternal Power — climactic events that can shift the tides of battle, highlighted by a variety of terrain manipulation opportunities.

At the heart of the game system is the Echo Deck. Revealed at the start of each round, an Echo card creates thematic situations by setting a few variables in motion. This fundamental component ensures that each round is full of strategy, and that each game of Idols of Torment is a completely unique experience. If you do not have a physical Echo Deck, you can easily replicate the mechanics by using a roll table located at the back of the rulebook.

Start Playing

The Idols of Torment rulebook is now available as a 175 page PDF from MyMiniFactory and Wargame Vault. This dark tome is packed full of art and lore, including short stories by author David Annandale (Black Library, Aconyte Books). The book includes expanded rules for playing scenarios and adding a variety of layers to gameplay.

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